About us

At Axis Technology we are Energy Efficiency and Sustainability engineers, and  we are specialized in processes.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the industrial sector.

Where are we?

We are where our customers are. We operate across over 20 countries, from Europe to Asia and America. We are available in every country and used to any peculiar situations all over the world.

We are available wherever it is needed.

Our Differentiation:


Unlike the vast majority of energy consulting companies, Axis Technology has a 100% practical and precise approach to all, technical and organizational aspects related to energy. This is what makes Axis Technology a different company.

360º Assessment

We treat all the different areas involved in energy optimization, such as: review of contracted power, consumption pattern, sub-metering, compressed air, cooling, process, etc. This 360º approach also makes us different.


The methodology we use is not new in the market. It has been developed and improved year after year by Dr. Robin Kent of Tangram Technology https://www.tangram.co.uk/.

Robin is the person with the highest reputation on energy efficiency in the industry worldwide, and a reference also outside the industrial sector.

Tangram and Axis work hand-to-hand to make energy efficiency part of our lives.

Logotipo Tangram Technology (partner de Axis Technology)

Recognitions & Organizations:

Logotipo PCN

Plastics Consultancy Network

We make part of the PCN (Plastics Consultancy Network). The PCN is a network made of 20 independent and well recognised worldwide consultants from the plastics sector. It is the best sectorial network, and holds a high experience and knowledge. Founded in 1988, it is serving the plastics industry since then.

Logotipo PCN

Association of energy Engineers

Association of Energy Engineers, network of over 18,000 members in over 100 countries. AEE, a knowledge resource center serves needs for career development, networking and recognition.

Logo BPF (British Plastics Federation)

British Plastics Federation

We are affiliate members of BPF (British Plastics Federation).

It is the largest plastic sector association in Europe. The BPF has been serving the industry since 1933, and has more than 450 affiliate companies.


Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

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