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We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

We will use our knowledge and experience for our customers, in order to achieve energy savings and improve their sustainability.



“We cannot improve what we cannot measure”.

We assess actual sustainability situation of the company and what is the distance versus the benchmark. We design the roadmap for the next steps.

360º vision

We consider all aspects related to sustainability such as meterial, resources, lyfe cycle analysis, circularity, etc.

Sustainability is not only about circularity. There are many other topics to be considered.

Sustainability Services

General Sustainability Assesment

Based on the Tangram methodology, it is a complete analysis of the sustainability situation for the plant. It allows to know the current situation, as well as the road map to improve it.
The evaluation has of the following chapters:

  • General: Energy and climate, use of material, natural resources, people and community, product life cycle, sustainability projects.
  • Management systems: Environmental management system, energy management system, health and safety systems, risk assessment.
  • Design.
  • Raw material: Material content, material recovery.
  • Purchasing: Sustainable shopping.
  • Energy: Finance, technical, awareness.
  • Carbon footprint: Calculation of the carbon footprint.
  • Water management.
  • Waste reduction
  • Use and end of life: Short-life products, medium-life products, long-life products.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Reporting.
Cáclulo de la Huella de Carbono de una organización

Carbon Footprint Calculation for an Organization

Calculation of the carbon footprint for an organization (site or number of sites). The calculation has the following scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions, as a result of energy consumption
  • Scope 3: Indirect emissions, as a result of the operations for the activity

The calculation of the carbon footprint allows to know the contribution of an organization to the global warming of the planet, and to quantify what is the weight of each of the scopes, and their sub-scopes.

It helps to implement actions to reduce the carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint Calculation for a Product

Calculation of the carbon footprint for a product. The scope of the calculation can be partial, although this will depend on the available information by the organization.

The calculation of the carbon footprint for a product will generally be of these types:

  • “From cradle to grave”: footprint of the complete life cycle of the product.
  • “From cradle to gate”: footprint of a part of the life cycle of the product, as there is no information on its use beyond the supply to the customer.
  • “From gate to grave”: footprint of a part of the life cycle of the product, as there is not enough information about the raw materials or components used.
Cálculo de la Huella de Carbono de un Producto
Gestión del Agua desde el punto de vista de la sostenibilidad

Water Management

Water is a very limited resource, and will be even more in the future. The pressure to reduce consumption will be increasingly growing.

This is a complete analysis and optimization of water use. It is very suitable in organizations with large water consumption in their processes. The methodology consists of the following phases:

  • Water balance.
  • Water consumption map.
  • Minimization of consumption.
  • Consumption optimization.
  • Reduction of discharges.

In-house Training

We provide customized training according to the needs of the customer. This training is about most of the topics considered on the Sustainability Assessment, allow to standardize the level of training of all the staff of the site, and it is suitable from a number of attendees between 5-7.

We are flexible and can adapt the training sessions to the availability and organization of the customer.

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